How to Get and Use Potato in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Like many other survival games, Minecraft features a health and hunger system. Players can recover their health points by filling the hunger bar. In Minecraft, keeping the hunger bar full is a child’s play as food is available almost everywhere.

There are over 40 edible items in Minecraft. However, not every one of them is best for you. Some foods have a low saturation which means you will lose hunger quicker after eating them. Potato is a food with low saturation, but you can increase its saturation by baking it.

Potato is one of the easiest to farm foods in Minecraft and has several uses. In this guide, we will help you find this excellent crop.

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How to Get Potatoes in Minecraft

If your search for potatoes has resulted in nothing, then you are probably looking at the wrong place. Potato is a common item and is easy to find when you know where it generates.

Villages can have potatoes

Villages are arguably the best place to find potatoes in Minecraft. There is a 20% chance for farm plots to have potatoes. If odds fail to be in your favor, try looting the chests in villages. Chests in plains, taiga, ands snowy villages have a 60-70% chance of containing potatoes. Other than village loot chests, you may also get potatoes from chests in shipwrecks and pillager outposts.

If you still fail to find potatoes, try building a zombie farm. These undead mobs have a 2.5% chance to drop a potato in Minecraft. You can improve these rates by using a weapon with Looting III enchantment.

Uses of Potatoes

In the raw state, potatoes are a poor food choice in Minecraft. But you can cook them in a furnace to make baked potatoes, one of the best foods in Minecraft. One baked potato recovers 2.5 hunger points while providing 6 hunger saturation.

By building a potato farm, you can easily get tons of potatoes. But be quick to make use of them as they turn into poisonous potatoes if kept in chests for a long time. You can trade needless potatoes to farmers for some shiny emeralds.

Potatoes are among the few food items that villagers need for breeding. Any villager with 12 potatoes or more will be willing to breed as long as there’s an extra empty bed nearby.

Got any tips for finding potatoes or some creative ways to use them? Do let us know in the comments.

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How to Get and Use Potato in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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