What Are in Minecraft Village Houses?

What Are in Minecraft Village Houses?

Exploring the world in this game, you will find different buildings such as Caves, Castles, as well as Villages. And in each, you can find something useful for you. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Village Houses.

What You Can Find In Village Houses

Villages spawn randomly when the world is created, and differ depending on the biome in which they are located. There are five types of them in total:

  • Plains Village uses mossy cobblestone, cobblestone, oak stairs, oak planks, stripped oak logs, oak logs, and white terracotta.
  • Desert Village is built from smooth sandstone slabs, smooth sandstone, sandstone slabs, cut sandstone, and terracotta.
  • Savanna Village houses are made of brown banners, acacia wood planks, acacia logs, yellow glazed terracotta, orange terracotta, and yellow terracotta.
  • Taiga Village uses cobblestone, spruce wood planks, spruce trapdoors, spruce logs.
  • Snow Village is built with wood, snow blocks, blue ice, and packed ice.

Search every house to find chests. In every village, there will always be at least a couple. And also pay attention to the house whose roof is made of stone slab, this is the armorer house. It will always have a chest with very good loot.

Moreover, Villagers can have a profession and a special Work Table that can be useful to you in the early stages of the game.

Here is a list of all Work Table that can be found in homes:

  • The Shepherd House has a Loom to help you create new Banners.
  • Fletching Table is at the Fletcher house.
  • You can find Lectern in the Library.
  • The Cartography Table is located in the Cartographer’s home.
  • The Brewing Stand will be in the Village if Cleric lives in it.
  • Blast Furnace remelts twice as fast as a conventional furnace and is in the armorer’s home.
  • Grindstone will help keep your tools and weapons intact, it is located in the Weaponsmith house.
  • The Smithing Table is apparently in the Toolsmith house.
  • The smoker also cooks twice as fast and is in the Butcher’s house.
  • The cauldron is in the Leatherworker’s house.
  • The Stonecutter at Mason’s home will help you cut stones.

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What Are in Minecraft Village Houses?


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