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How to Get and Use Move Candies in Pokemon Masters

How to Get and Use Move Candies in Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters is another game set in the Pokemon universe in which players can meet various trainers from previous games. Of course, the main occupation of trainers is to capture and level up Pokémon. To do this, you will need special resources and in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

How to Get Move Candies

In total, there are 13 different types of Move Candies in Pokemon Masters, which are used for various Pokemon upgrades. All of them can be obtained during various events. This can be a daily entrance to the game, or special events where you need to complete complex missions. Also, some Move Candies are available through the Item Exchange. This function allows you to spend Coins to turn one item into another, better one. Also, there are often events with special Items for Exchange.

How to Use Move Candies

All Move Candies can be divided into 4 groups, except the Egg Move Candy. As is clear from the title, it is used to level up the Move level for the Egg Sync Pair.

The first group is the usual Move Candies:

  • 5 Star Move Candy
  • 4 Star Move Candy
  • 3 Star Move Candy

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You can use them to upgrade Move levels of different Star Sync Pairs depending on the number of stars.

Second, third and fourth group:

  • Strike Move Candies
  • Star Tech Move Candies
  • Star Support Move Candies

They are also categorized into 5, 4 and 3 Star Candy. The difference is that you use them to upgrade the Star Sync Pair of certain roles.

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How to Get and Use Move Candies in Pokemon Masters


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