How to Get and Use Hero Shards in Archero

How to Get and Use Hero Shards in Archero

Archero is a fun roguelike game for mobile devices. Players will be able to fight on different maps, with different opponents. Also, the game has a large number of characters with different abilities, and the developers are actively adding new ones. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Hero Shards.

How to Get Hero Shards

Hero Shards can be obtained from the Special Box for 200 gems, and you also have a chance to get Shards in one of the Battle Pass rewards. But the main way to collect Shards is by exchanging soul stones. You can only pick up these stones in the Desert Ghosts event. The maximum you can get is no more than 30 soul stones. If you have come to the end of the event, but do not have soul stones, close the game. When you return, you will find yourself in the previous room and can try to farm soul stones again. You need at least 15 soul stones to exchange them for one random Hero Shard. For a Shard of a certain Hero, you will need more soul stones.

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How to Use Hero Shards

The first and most basic way to use Hero Shards is to acquire new heroes. You need to try to collect 3 Shards to unlock a new hero. And we strongly recommend that you open all the characters first. But if you have accumulated 10 Shards of a Hero that you already have unlocked, you can upgrade it to level 2. This will give you a bonus that will apply to all heroes. For the third level, you will need already 20 Shards, etc.

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How to Get and Use Hero Shards in Archero


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