Archero Runes Guides – How Do Runes Work?

Archero Runes Guides - How Do Runes Work?

Archero is a mobile action game where you need to choose your character and equip it with different Gear. When you finish customization of your loadout you will be able to play variable chapters. There you will need to fight with different monsters. In order to make your character stronger, you can try to use Runes. These things provide you with decent buffs and today we are going to talk about them. This guide will tell you about Runes in Archero.

Runes in Archero

Runes in Archero are special artifacts that provide your character with decent buffs and bonuses to your stats. Also, you will be able to change their bonuses and get what you need from each Rune. In order to unlock Runes in Archero, you will need to unlock a certain talent. It is called Rune Powerup and it allows you to use Runes. You can find this talent in the left bottom corner of the menu with talents.

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When you unlock the Rune Powerup talent you will be able to open the menu with Runes. There you will be able to see five slots for these artifacts. Each Rune will be unlocked for you when you will reach a certain level. Here is the list of all Runes and levels you need to earn to unlock them:

  • Power Rune – Unlocks at level 1
  • Savior Rune – Unlocks at level 20
  • Recovery Rune – Unlocks at level 40
  • Courage Rune – Unlocks at level 60
  • Lucky Rune – Unlocks at level 80

Each of these five Runes provides your character with different bonuses. The number of these bonuses is based on your level. Each Rune gives you 5 bonuses at level 80. These bonuses can be rerolled. In order to do it, you will need to use a special resource. So, you will be able to customize Runes just like any other equipment and reroll their bonuses till you get what you want.

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Archero Runes Guides – How Do Runes Work?


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