How to Get and Use Chocolate in Super Auto Pets


Super Auto Pets is an incredibly fun and cute mobile strategy game. Players use various animals such as sheep or cows to fight in turn-based combat. Each animal has unique skills and stats, so you can create different combinations from them. Also, in addition to animals, there are different foods in the game. And in this guide, we will tell you about Chocolate.

How to Get Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the best food in Tier 5. Before each match, players go to the store to buy animals or food. However, at the beginning of the game, Tier 1 animals and food will be available to you. After every two turns, the store will be replenished with items of a higher tier. Thus, Chocolate will become available only after 9 turns. However, it all depends on luck, since the chance of its appearance is 16%. But if you’re lucky, before the next round you can get this incredibly useful food.

How to Use Chocolate

Chocolate is a Food that gives the selected animal +1 EXP. Although it is not explained in the in-game description, this item also gives the animal +1 to Health and Attack. And since high-level animals are the main win factor in Super Auto Pets, Chocolate is incredibly useful.

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We highly recommend buying this item as soon as you see it. Or you can freeze it to save it for the next round. Usually, players level up animals by buying them again in the shop. However, you never know if the right animal will be in the store next round. And in this case, Chocolate is what you need. However, do not rush to use it until you get all the possible EXP for animals. And only then can you use Chocolate to further upgrade one of your units.

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How to Get and Use Chocolate in Super Auto Pets


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