How to Get and Use Charms in Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal is the latest installment in the Diablo series released by Blizzard on June 2, 2022, and is available for download on iOS and Android now. Once you start playing, you have to fight a lot and explore new locations in search of valuable items. As in any game in the Diablo series, you need to find powerful equipment, weapons, and various talismans necessary to progress through the story. One of these items is Charms, and today we will tell you how to get them and use them during the game.

How to Get Charms in Diablo Immortal

Charms are one of the important pieces of equipment and have their slot in your character’s customization menu. Only one amulet can be used at a time, and depending on the item level, it can give from one to five unique bonuses.

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There are several ways to get charms in the game:

  • You can buy charm from Hilts Traders for 100 Hilts. But this method has a little drawback. You can only purchase a certain number of charms at a time, after which you have to wait a long time before this item is available for purchase again.
  • The second method is longer, more interesting, and has no restrictions on obtaining items.List of Bounties
    You need to complete Bounties, and for some of them, you will get charms.

How to Use Charms in Diablo Immortal

If you succeed to get one or more charms, you can use them, but to do this, you need to visit the Charm Craftsman.

There are several options for how you can use charm:

  • Initially, all charms have the first level and give only one bonus. To increase the charm level and the number of bonuses, you need to give 20 Charm Craftsman alchemical dust. You can get alchemical dust by salvaging unnecessary charms of the same NPC.
  • To use a charm, you need to equip it on your character, after which he will receive bonuses from the effects of the charm.
  • You can also replace one of the charm skills with a skill stone.

    But you can only control which skill you want to replace, and which skill will replace it will be completely random.
  • If you have a lot of charms that you don’t need, you can turn them into a skill gem. To do this, you still need to go to Charm Craftsman and pay 500 platinum for this transformation.

In our guide today, we’ve covered everything you need to know to get and use charms successfully. We hope that you were able to find answers to your questions, and now it will be easier for you to use charms during the game.

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How to Get and Use Charms in Diablo Immortal


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