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How to Get and Use Black Lemonade Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Check out our guide to find out how to get and use bomber type Black Lemonade Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are so many characters to unlock and use in Cookie Run Kingdom, and new ones added with every update! The perfect Cookie Run team is a finely balanced mix of Cookies who each has a specific role, position, and special skill. One of the important roles is as a Bomber Cookie. These Cookies are usually positioned to the middle or rear of the team so they can fire projectiles from afar. Black Lemonade Cookie is one of these Bomber Cookies. Let’s explore how to get and use Black Lemonade Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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All About Black Lemonade Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Black Lemonade Cookie is an Epic-class musician Cookie who we first see in Cookie Run: Kingdom during the Summer Soda Rock Festa update. Black Lemonade Cookie is in a rock band, and used to be in a band with Shining Glitter Cookie!

We learn a lot about this quiet and talented Cookie during the Summer Soda Rock Festa story, but unfortunately she is not yet released as a playable Cookie.

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How to Get Black Lemonade Cookie

Although Black Lemonade Cookie has not been released yet as a playable Cookie, her role type has been released so we can ony hope that she will be playable soon!

When she is released she will be unlocked just like the other Cookies. Black Lemonade Cookie will be available through the Cookie Gacha, using Cookie Cutters or gems, or unlocked using Soulstones. Her Soulstone will look much like Shining Glitter Cookie’s as shown below:

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How to Use Black Lemonade Cookie

Black Lemonade Cookie has been announced as a Bomber type so she is likely to be positioned in the middle or the rear of the team. It is not yet known what sort of special skill she has but it will either be projectiles that hit individual enemies, or it will be projectiles that cause area damage. Bombers can have skills that use debuffs on the enemy, or they can offer buffs to their team. We shall have to wait and see what Black Lemonade Cookie has to offer when she is officially released!

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Bomber types usually are best paired with Swift Chocolate and/or Searing Raspberry toppings. These can provide buffs in ATK stats (Searing Raspberry) and decrease cooldown (Swift Chocolate).

As soon as Black Lemonade Cookie is officially released as a playable Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, we will keep you updated!

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How to Get and Use Black Lemonade Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom