How to Get and Spend Diamonds in AFK Arena

How to Get and Spend Diamonds in AFK Arena

There are not many different resources in AFK Arena. Some of them are necessary to level your characters, while others can be spent in the store. In this guide, we’ll take a look at one of the most useful and rare store-bought currencies – diamonds.

How to Get Diamonds in AFK Arena

Diamonds are the most important currency in the game and are quite difficult to obtain. The amount of this resource is limited, so you need to spend it wisely.

The main sources of diamonds are in-game Campaign quests. Most of the tasks consist of passing the stages of the Campaign or the King’s Tower.

As you progress in the game, the sources of this resource will be depleted. This is due to the fact that Campaign missions and Tower floors can only be completed once. A stable but less effective source of diamonds is the Arena of Heroes. Here you get diamonds as both daily and seasonal rewards.

You can also purchase this resource for real money in the store.

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How to Spend Diamonds in AFK Arena

Earned diamonds are best spent on 2 things: getting heroes and buying equipment. For 20 diamonds, you can reset your hero’s stats.

From our point of view, it is most reasonable to use these resources to unlock new heroes from the library. Top equipment of the legendary and epic levels can be obtained when progressing the game.


In this guide, we have covered the main sources of diamonds in AFK Arena. This resource is quite rare, therefore, it is more in demand by players. Handle diamonds with care and enjoy the game.

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How to Get and Spend Diamonds in AFK Arena


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