AFK Arena Cursed Realm Guide

AFK Arena Cursed Realm Guide

The Cursed Realm is the new AFK Arena mode in which players have to fight a boss and 5 small teams using different team formations to receive many huge rewards. Players with a high level are eligible to enter the Cursed Realm.

You need to have a lot of well-equipped heroes to deal decent damage in this mode, as you need 6 different teams, 5 for mini-formations of enemies (Shadow Guards), and 1 for the final boss.

General Rules Guide on the Cursed Realm

  • The cursed realm opens every 7 days.
  • All heroes in the Cursed Realm are at level 360, their equipment and levels will remain unchanged. Heroes will not receive bonuses for the attributes and effects of Artifacts or Alliances.
  • Players can only use mercenaries and heroes from other dimensions.
  • In the Cursed World, there can be only one mercenary in each formation, but it can be used an unlimited number of times.
  • The stats of bosses and their shadowguards accumulate, making them stronger every time they lose a certain amount of health.
  • In each new Cursed Realm, players can challenge the bosses 10 times for free, after which it will take diamonds to continue to challenge the bosses. Players can fight bosses up to 199 times per session. One fight attempt will be deducted each time the player enters the fight.
  • The final damage of each trial is the total damage dealt to the bosses as well as the five teams of shadowguards.
  • The final ranking only takes into account the highest damage dealt in all boss fights. The final rating is calculated at the end of each opening of the world.
  • Rewards for each season of the Cursed World will be gradually sent to players by mail at the end of each event.


  • You can view recordings of battles in which other players inflicted maximum damage.
  • Leaderboard ratings are constantly updated, so the corresponding rewards are only calculated at the end of the season.
  • Individual rewards for a place on the Cursed Realm Leaderboard will be mailed as the Season Ranking is calculated.

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AFK Arena Cursed Realm Guide


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