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How to Get and Play Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

How to Get and Play Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

The Soda Islands are here, and with them come brand-new Cookies to play as in Cookie Run: Kingdom! One such Cookie is Sorbet Shark Cookie, a half shark, half Cookie hybrid character! Sorbet Shark Cookie watched the other Cookies from the depths of the ocean, until one day they decided that they wanted to join the land Cookies. Today, we’ll show you how to get and play Sorbet Shark Cookie in our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide!

How to Get Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shark Cookie is an epic rarity, middle row, Ambush class Cookie. They are acquired through normal gacha means, so you’ll have to try your luck with the random banner pulls. Currently, you can get Sorbet Shark Cookie from the Featured Cookie and Cookies banners. The probabilities are:

  • Featured Cookie Banner: 0.048%
    • Soulstone: 0.273%
  • Cookies Banner: 0.093%
    • Soulstone: 0.529%

You should only be pulling from the regular Cookies banner and not the Featured Cookie one, unless you’re also gunning for Raspberry Cookie.

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How to Play Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shark Cookie strikes when enemies least expect it, not unlike a cunning real-life shark. Fittingly, Sorbet is an Ambush class Cookie, which means that they excel in dealing high burst damage. Sorbet’s default position is the middle row.

Sorbet Shark Cookie’s skill is Shark Splash, which deals area damage to the frontmost enemies. Shark Splash deals additional bonus damage to the two enemies with the highest max HP, excluding summoned foes. If the enemy targets are Cookies, the bonus damage will be dealt as true damage relative to the enemies’ max HP and cannot exceed 300,000.

Sorbet Shark Cookie works best in the middle row, as they’ll be protected from frontal attacks by your front row Cookies. Shark Splash is very strong against tough boss enemies that have high HP, as it deals more bonus damage to sturdier enemies.

Also keep in mind that Sorbet Shark Cookie is especially effective against other Cookie characters, as Shark Splash’s bonus damage turns into true damage, which ignores defense and DMG resist attributes.

Finally, we’ve found that the best topping for Sorbet Shark Cookie is the Searing Raspberry topping, as it increases overall damage. Stack lots of Searing Raspberries and Shark Splash will do insane damage!

And that’s how you get and play Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get and Play Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide


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