How to Get and Play Catherine in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


Almost every day there are new RPGs for mobile devices. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find really good titles. However, Dislyte became popular right after the release. And no wonder, because the game is very beautiful, has a fascinating plot and many different characters. Each of them has unique skills and backstory. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get and play Catherine.

How to Get Catherine

Dislyte has a large number of different Espers. And there are also several ways to get them. In the case of Catherine, players need to hope for good luck in Gacha. To summon various Espers, players use Gold Record and Silver Record. And since Catherine is a 4-star Esper, you can use both items. However, Gold Record has a higher chance of summoning a 4-star Esper.

How to Play Catherine

Catherine is a 4-star Esper with a Shimmer element. She is an incredibly useful support for most teams. We recommend that you use her in Point War. Because her abilities allow you to remove dangerous debuffs from allies and save them from death. However, in the Tower, she will also be useful. Here are all of Catherine’s abilities:

  • Nightfall Grief – Catherine hits the enemy twice, dealing 65% damage each, and has a 50% chance to inflict Miss Rate Up for two turns.
  • Bone Pass – This is a passive skill that removes one debuff from allies every turn. Also, for each removed debuff, all allies receive 5% AP.
  • Underworld Presence – Catherine attacks all enemies dealing 110% damage and applies Standoff to all allies for one turn.

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Now let’s move on to relics. For Catherine to become the best support, we recommend using the Wind Walker Set, which increases speed by 25%. And in addition, equip the Master Grove Set, which gives a 25% bonus to health.

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How to Get and Play Catherine in Dislyte – Guide and Tips


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