Ultimate Beginners Guide to Dislyte


Dislyte is an incredibly addictive RPG with a turn-based combat system. Players must create a team of different espers to defeat enemies. Like any good RPG, Dislyte uses a gacha system to summon different characters. And in this guide, we will tell you the tips that every beginner should know.

Ultimate Beginners Guide

In an RPG, the most important thing is the characters. Without a good team, you will not be able to complete stages, defeat enemies, and farm efficiently. For example, you will not be able to complete the game using only DPS espers in your team. Therefore, it is better to use a standard set of two supports, two DPS, and any esper you like.

For your team to be strong, you need to level up each esper in it. We recommend that you complete all story chapters and missions to the maximum. This way you can get a lot of experience and various rewards.

Dislyte uses Runes to create different builds. They increase various esper stats, and can also give bonuses for a set of Runes of the same type. Also, do not forget to change the Runes sometimes, so that your team always has the best stats.

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The game also has an unusual feature that forces players to find friends. When players find friends or send gifts to them, they receive Friendship Points. And for this currency in the shop, you can buy various cool items.

Many players love the RPG genre because they can create teams and builds to suit their play style. However, at the initial stage, you will not have many characters. Therefore, you must upgrade your starting espers to progress. And the best option would be Mona. She is one of the best DPS espers and is effective even in the late stages of the game.

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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Dislyte


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