With countless items to gather, stuff to make, and bosses to fight, Terraria keeps a player hooked for hours. Perhaps, no other game can let players modify weapons as Terraria does.

Onyx Blaster is one such interesting weapon in Terraria. You can gather a few items, make your way to an anvil, and transform your shotgun into a cool modified gun.

Terraria: How to Obtain the Onyx Blaster

Onyx Blaster in Terraria (Image via Terraria Wiki)

To get the cool Onyx Blaster, you need to collect 10 pieces of Soul of Night, two Dark Shards, and a shotgun.

To craft the Blaster gun, you can pay a visit to the Mythril Anvil or the Orichalcum Anvil.

As the ingredients are not hard to come by, you can craft the Onyx Blaster early on in the Hardmode.

How to Use Onyx Blaster: A few tips

The weapon shoots four shots but uses only one ammo. The dark onyx blast that the gun fires deals significant damage.

The multi-shot weapon is quite effective against several hardmode bosses. You can also use it for Plantera, Golem, and further bosses.

Some players might find the use time of the gun to be painfully slow. But the multiple shots make up for it.

Selling the Onyx Blaster will get you five gold coins.

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