How to Set Your Spawn in Terraria

Terraria is arguably one of the best sandbox adventure games with RPG elements. After creating a new world, you will be spawned in it. Today we are going to talk about spawn points in Terraria. We will explain to you how they work, and how to change them. This guide will help you to change the place where you will spawn after death.

Spawn Point in Terraria

Spawn point in Terraria is not a difficult thing to understand. It is just a place where you begin your game. The spawn point will be located within five blocks of the middle of the world at the horizontal axis. Also, you cannot spawn in dangerous biomes. The world generation that can’t create them near the middle of the maps prevents this. You will be spawned only in the Forest or Snow biome. Of course, you don’t have to spawn in the middle of the world, and the spawn point can be changed.

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How to Set Spawn Point in Terraria

Setting your Spawn Point in Terraria is not a difficult task. For this, you just need a bed. The first thing you need is Silk. It may be crafted on a Loom from 7 Cobwebs. You need 5 pieces of Silk and 15 Wood or other material to create a Bed. This element of furniture allows you to sleep after you place it somewhere. After you slept, the Bed becomes your spawn point. If it is destroyed, your spawn point will be changed to a standard location. In this case, you will have to build another Bed.

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