Terraria, the action-adventure sandbox game, is often lauded for its gameplay and creative side. You can collect and craft countless items like weapons, structures, potions, and more.

Potions and alchemy are an important part of Terraria. This guide focuses on the Endurance Potion. The potion buffs up your endurance. Read on to find out how to make and use Endurance Potion.

Terraria: How to Obtain Endurance Potion

The alchemy table (Image via Terraria Wiki)

To get your hands on the Endurance Potion, you need to gather ingredients like armored cavefish, bottled water, and blinkroot.

Now, to mix those ingredients and brew the buff potion, head over to the Alchemy Table or Placed Bottle (the crafting station).

Alchemy Table and Bottle have similar functions. However, the Alchemy Table consumes alchemy ingredients more efficiently. It is a post-Skeletron table and you are likely to come across one randomly in the dungeon.

Placed Bottle in Terraria (Image via Terraria Wiki)

On the other hand, Placed Bottle is easier to get but inefficient with the alchemy resources. If you do not have rare ingredients, you can go for Placed Bottles.

Endurance Potion: Uses and Tips

Endurance Potion in Terraria. (Image via Terraria Wiki)

Just like the name suggests, the Endurance Potion boosts your endurance by lowering the impact of damage received by 10% for four minutes.

You can combine the Endurance Potion with Ironskin Potion for shielding yourself better against the damage.

The consumption time of the potion is quite fast (17).

If you decide to sell the potion, you will receive 2 silver coins for it.

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