How to Get an EMP in COD Mobile? – Tips and Cheats

How to Get an EMP in COD Mobile? - Tips and Cheats

COD Mobile is one of the most popular mobile shooters. Many players enjoy the wide variety of maps, modes, weapons, and equipment. The choice of your loadout determines your tactics, so in this guide, we will tell you about EMP.

How to Get an EMP

When you select equipment and weapons before a fight, you can see two slots for two different types of grenades. You can choose tactical or lethal grenades in them. The lethal type was created in order to inflict a lot of damage on opponents, while the tactical type deals little damage, but gives interesting effects. EMP is a tactical grenade type.

EMP is a grenade that can disable and damage electrical units and equipment that are in the pulse radius. You can use it to interrupt other players from using different scorestreaks.

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To get it, you must reach level 49. To do this, you can complete challenges and, of course, win matches. But winning all matches is of course impossible, so also focus on killing as many enemies as possible.

We especially recommend that you practice using an EMP grenade to interrupt scorestreaks. This will not only help you a lot during matches, it will also help you complete tasks. For example, sometimes you may come across a task for which you will need to interrupt the enemy scorestreak several times using an EMP grenade. For such tasks, you can get a lot of XP.

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How to Get an EMP in COD Mobile? – Tips and Cheats


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