Terraria is loaded with melee, ranged, magic, and other unusual weapons (for instance, yoyos). Along with these, Gem Staves are quite attractive. The magic staves function on mana and can pack a powerful projectile.

Gem Staves in Terraria are made from gems and bars. There are seven Gem Staves in the game crafted from seven different gemstones. They shoot bright, glowing projectiles. This guide focuses on the Amethyst Staff in Terraria.

Terraria: How to Craft and Use Amethyst Staff

To craft an Amethyst Staff, you need 10 bars of copper and 8 Amethysts. Then, to put it all together, head over to a Lead or Iron Anvil.

Image via Terraria Wiki

The Amethyst Staff is rather weak when compared to other staves. Its projectiles are rather slow and the knockback is weak. It does damage of 14 and has a tardy use time of 40. However, it is used by players as it has a low mana cost.

Amethyst Staff Projectile (Image via Terraria Wiki)

For 20 mana, the Amethyst Staff can shoot 6 consecutive shots. You can use it against weaker bosses or enemies. However, note that the staff is ineffective against aerial bosses that keep flying around. The slow shots just do not hit the enemy quickly.

When tweaked with the Godly or Demonic modifier, the average damage levels up. Due to the low mana cost, you cannot use the Mythical and Masterful modifiers on the Amethyst Staff.

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