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What is Journey Mode in Terraria and How Does it Work?

What is Journey Mode in Terraria and How Does it Work?

Terraria’s Journey Mode was brought in with the 1.4 update “Journey’s End.” It is not unlike Minecraft or Fortnite’s ‘creative’ modes where players can enjoy all items and enemies in-game without limit. Terraria’s Journey Mode has a few key differences though, as explained below.

You can choose the Journey Mode option when you create a new character or world, which gives you the ability to explore Terraria without the restrictive challenge progression of the regular mode. Items must be ‘Researched’ before you can ‘Duplicate’ them in the world, but once you have completed enough research, you can duplicate the item an infinite amount of times. Enemies in the world are spawned at half health by default, but you are able to change that at any point using the Enemy Difficulty Slider.

When you are first spawned into the Journey Mode, you are given a set of equipment:

  • Fledgling Wings: grants the ability to leap higher and negates fall damage
  • Iron Shortsword
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Hammer
  • Finch Staff: grants the ability to summon a Baby Finch minion
  • Torch x100
  • Rope x100
  • Magic Mirror

Power Menu

Journey Mode’s Power Menu can be found under the main inventory slots. Here, you can access 7 different areas:

  1. Duplication
  2. Research
  3. Time
  4. Weather
  5. Personal Power Menu
  6. Infection Spread
  7. Enemy Difficulty
Duplication Menu

Duplication: This menu consists of categories of items available for duplication, and allows for duplication of those items. Duplicating items will not include the item modifiers.

Research: This is where you place items and see how many times you will need to research them for duplication.

Time: This menu has three settings where you can Freeze Time, Set Time, and Alter Time, which changes the speed that time passes. Speeding up time speeds up plant growth and star fall rates as well as biome spread.

Weather: Allows you full control over the weather.

Personal Power Menu: Includes three options: Enemy Spawn Rate Slider which lets you control the rate at which enemies appear in your world, Increased Placement Range which is enabled by default, and God Mode which allows you unlimited Mana, unlimited Breath, and makes you invulnerable to attack.

Infection Spread: Toggles to stop the spread of Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow.

Enemy Difficulty: A slider that increases or decreases the difficulty of enemies who spawn in your world.

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Although Journey Mode can be pretty fun and interesting for all levels of players, it is suggested that you play through the regular mode first to understand the mechanics of the game. Jumping straight into Journey Mode can be quite overwhelming for newbies as all the mechanics, items, and enemies are basically at your fingertips!

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What is Journey Mode in Terraria and How Does it Work?


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