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How To Get All Valorant Knife Skins

How To Get All Valorant Knife Skins

Valorant has turned out to be one of the most popular FPS titles in the world. It is a tactical 5-competitive shooter where players can play as agents with special abilities. One of the most impressive and attractive features of Valorant is the wide range of beautiful gun and knife skins.

Many players from other FPS games are always fascinated by the beautiful skin designs available in Valorant. Knife skins are trendy among Valorant players as they can only use their own knife skins in-game. If you are new to Valorant, you might wonder how to get a cool knife skin. Don’t worry, as this guide will help you get Valorant knife skins.

Valorant Knife Skin Guide

Riot Games frequently adds new skins to Valorant’s in-game store. The only way to obtain knife skins in Valorant is by using Valorant Points(VP). Players can purchase VP from the in-game store and then use them to buy knife skins. After purchasing Valorant Points, there are four ways to add a knife to your collection:

  1. Battle Pass
  2.  Bundle
  3.  Daily Offers
  4.  Night Market

Battle pass

battle pass

With each Act, Riot Games brings a new battle pass to Valorant. Players can level up their battle pass by playing games and collecting XP. Players can pay 1000 VP and unlock premium track in battle pass. At level 50, players will get a knife skin and a Classic or Sheriff skin.


Every two weeks, a new bundle makes its way to Valorant’s in-game store. Almost all bundles come with melee skin. Players can get the knife skin for free if they purchase the complete bundle. Otherwise, a knife skin can cost between 1750-5350 VP.

Daily Offers

Daily shop

Valorant Store features four skins daily, sold at their full price. In rare cases, knife skins can pop up in the Daily Offers. As Daily Offers reset every 24 hours, players must rely on their luck to get knife skins.

Night Market

Night Market is a great place to get skins at a lower price in Valorant. Each Act features a Night Market where players are randomly given six different skins. If lucky, players might get a decent discount on knife skins.

Obtaining all knife skins is an expensive goal. Players will need to have patience and wait for knife skins to become available in the store to get them.

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How To Get All Valorant Knife Skins


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