How to Get All Stone Tablets in Ender Lilies


Ender Lilies is an exciting 2D action RPG in which players have to play as a little girl named Lilly. During the exploration of the castle, you will have to fight against various strong enemies. And if you defeat them, they will become your allies. There are also many secrets in the game. And in this guide, we will tell you how to get all Stone Tablets in Ender Lilies.

How to Get All Stone Tablets

Almost at the very end of the game, when you defeat Miriel in the Verboten Domain, you will have the choice to go to the final boss or to the first room from which the game began. If you want to get all the Stone Tablets, you must select the second option.

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Stone Tablet Locations

All Stone Tablets are hidden behind special doors that only the spirit of Faden can open. And you will receive this scientist after defeating Miriel in the Verboten Domain. And so, without further ado, a list of all the places where Stone Tablets are located:

  • Cliffside Hamlet – Travel to the Well and find a wall pustulant barrier there. Then attack the wall with the spectral lance, and inside you will find the first Stone Tablet.
  • Catacombs – Head to the Great Hall and head left until you reach a locked door. On the way, you will have to fight with several mobs, but you should not have any problems. Open the door, and inside you will find a Stone Tablet.
  • Stockade – Go to the Cells break and go to the big chamber. Use the hooks to climb up to a ledge with a locked door on it. Inside you will find the next Stone Tablet.
  • Ruined Keep – Head to the Quest Chamber, then go left and up until you are in a large room. Then go right through the locked door. Next, you need to go up the stairs and find the chest, which will contain the Stone Tablet.
  • Twin Spires – Head to Monument to Wind and then go through a large room into an area with multiple platforms. You need to climb to the very top and defeat several gargoyles. There you will find a locked door where you can get the Stone Tablet.
  • Verboten Domain – Go to Subterranean Lab B4. Next, you need to use a ground smash to get to the locked door. And to get to Stone Tablet, you need Ruined Witch’s Book, HP and Healing Prayer enhancing antique, and the Heretic Mask.
  • Witch’s Thicket – Go to Coven Halls and use a dash, uppercut, and double jump to get to the locked door. Open it, and you will get the last Stone Tablet.

Now that you have all the Stone Tablets, you can craft an antique called the Aegis Curio Amulet. To do this, you just need to move to the crafting machine. We hope you enjoyed this guide.

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How to Get All Stone Tablets in Ender Lilies


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