How to Get All Hololive Skins in Among Us


In the latest update for Among Us, we’re heading into the VTuber space. This update brings a brand new Cosmicube that is dedicated to the beloved characters from Hololive Production, including fan favorites like Inugami Korone, Gawr Gura, and more! Today, we’ll show you how to get all Hololive skins in Among Us!

Getting the Hololive Skins in Among Us

The September 20 update to Among Us adds the official Hololive Production collaboration. To start earning the skins, you’ll first need to purchase the Cosmicube from the in-game store. The Hololive Cosmicube costs 110 Stars, which is exactly 9.99 USD.

Note that this is the only way you can obtain the Cosmicube for this event. There is no way to earn Stars in-game, so you’ll have to fork over ten bucks if you want the Hololive skins.

Once you own the Hololive Cosmicube, go into your cosmetics collection, which is accessed by the crewmate button in the bottom right corner of the main menu. On the top bar, you can access your Cosmicubes by pressing the button all the way on the right.

You should see the Hololive Cosmicube listed here. Select it and hit the activate button to set it as your current Cosmicube. You can unlock stuff for only one Cosmicube at a time, so make sure the Hololive Cosmicube is activated.

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You’re all set—all you need to do now is play the game normally. Whenever you finish a match, you’ll earn Pods, which is the currency needed to unlock things in the Cosmicube. You’ll earn more Pods depending on your performance in the game. Each type of item costs a different amount of Pods:

  • Skins: 300 Pods
  • Hats: 150 Pods
  • Visors: 150 Pods

Here’s the full list of unlocks in the Hololive Cosmicube:


Watson Amelia Outfit

Usada Pekora Outfit

Shirakami Fubuki Outfit

Ookami Mio Outfit

Nekomata Okayu Outfit

Moona Hoshinova Outfit

Inugami Korone Outfit

Houshou Marine Outfit

Gawr Gura Outfit

Ayunda Risu Outfit


Watson Amelia Hat

Usada Pekora Hat

Shirakami Fubuki Hat

Ookami Mio Hat

Nekomata Okayu Hat

Moona Hoshinova Hat

Inugami Korone Hat

Houshou Marine Hat

Gawr Gura Hat

Ayunda Risu Hat



Bored Now

Haha What Could Be Wrong?


Marine’s Eyepatch

No Thoughts


Smug Aura



The Hololive Cosmicube will be available for purchase until December 20, 2022, so you’ve got until the end of the year to buy it. Once you’ve purchased the Cosmicube, it’s yours to keep, so you can unlock everything in the Cosmicube at your own pace.

That concludes our guide on how to get all Hololive skins in Among Us. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get All Hololive Skins in Among Us


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