Metroid Dread

Despite not featuring any alternate or secret ending, Metroid Dread is far from being over after Samus escapes from Planet ZDR. At this point, not only you can play the game again in the challenging Hard Mode, but you can also unlock some additional artwork by further exploring the planet and gathering items that you may have missed.

Here’s how to unlock the additional artwork included in the Chozo Archives.

How to Get All Chozo Archives in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread features 9 Chozo Archives images to unlock, and the conditions to unlock them can all be met even before you complete the game once, although you will only be able to access them after you defeat Raven Beak and have made your escape. To take a look at them, select your save file, enter the Extras menu and choose Gallery.

Below, you will find the unlocking conditions for the 9 Chozo Archives images.

Chozo Archives ImagesHow to Unlock
Image 1Get 100% item completion in Artaria
Image 2 Get 100% item completion in Cataris
Image 3 Get 100% item completion in Dairon
Image 4 Get 100% item completion in Burenia
Image 5 Get 100% item completion in Ghavoran
Image 6 Get 100% item completion in Elun
Image 7 Get 100% item completion in Ferenia
Image 8 Get 100% item completion in Hanubia
Image 9 Get 100% item completion in all areas on Planet ZDR

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