Pac-Man World Re-PAC is another remaster in the classic Pac-Man franchise with nuances like platforming adventure, quest mode, improved UI, updated visuals, and more while keeping the classic mode and stuff from the original Pac-Man World game. Now that Pac-Man World Re-PAC has finally made its way on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, we have players who want to know how to get all Achievements and Trophies in Pac-Man World Re-PAC.

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Pac-Man World Re-PAC: How to Get all Achievements and Trophies

Here is the complete list of Trophies and Achievements in Pac-Man World Re-PAC, along with details on unlocking them. 

  1. PAC-MAN World Master -> Collect All Trophies.
  2. Windbag Loser -> Defeat Windbag.
  3. Sick of Magma -> Defeat Anubis.
  4. Space Explorer -> Defeat King Galaxian.
  5. Radical Racer -> Defeat Clown Racers.
  6. Back to the Scrap Heap -> Defeat Krome Keeper.
  7. The Real Deal -> Defeat Toc-Man.
  8. Speed Racer -> Finish Clown Prix in 140 seconds or less.
  9. Space Ace -> Clear the King Galaxian Episode with no misses.
  10. Family Man -> Rescue your first family member.
  11. The People’s Hero -> Rescue all family members.
  12. Friendly -> Talk to all family members on Ghost Islan
  13. Covered in Fruit -> Collect all the fruit and clear a bonus stage for the first time.
  14. Bonus Stage Master -> Clear all types of bonus stages.
  15. Pirate Ship Area Maze -> Clear all Pirate Ship Area Maze Stages.
  16. Ruins Area Maze -> Clear all Ruins Area Maze Stages.
  17. Space Area Maze -> Clear all Space Area Maze Stages.
  18. Funhouse Area Maze -> Clear all Funhouse Area Maze Stages.
  19. Factory Area Maze -> Clear all Factory Area Maze Stages.
  20. Boss Mansion Area Maze -> Clear all Boss Mansion Area Maze Stages.
  21. Maze Master -> Clear the Maze Marathon Mode.
  22. Gambler -> Play Slots 100 times.
  23. Fever! -> Activate a Fever in Slots.
  24. Jackpot! -> Line up a Galaxian in Slots.
  25. Beginner’s Luck -> Line up a pattern of two in Slots for the first time.
  26. The King’s Crown -> Get a Gold Crown in every stage.
  27. Foodie -> Eat 200 Fruit. (Original Mode excluded.)
  28. What Does This Key Do? -> Obtain a Key for the first time.
  29. Key Master -> Collect all Keys.
  30. P・A・C・M・A・N -> Collect bonus letters for the first time and complete PACMAN.
  31. P・A・C・M・A・N Master -> Complete PACMAN for all stages with bonus letters.
  32. Boom! Boom! BOOM! -> Defeat 50 Enemies with Bomb Dot.
  33. Pac-Dot Attack! -> Defeat 100 enemies with Pac-Dot and/or Bomb Attacks.
  34. Bowling For Bad Guys -> Defeat 100 enemies with Rev Roll.
  35. Tough Tushy -> Defeat 100 enemies with Butt Bounce.
  36. Big Eater -> Get 1600 points by eating Ghosts successively. (Original Mode excluded.)
  37. Ghost Hunter -> Eat 100 Ghosts. (Original Mode excluded.)
  38. Pac-Man Begins -> Play original PAC-MAN.
  39. Retro Gamer -> Clear round 9 of original PAC-MAN.
  40. Open Sesame -> Get a Magic Key.
  41. Invincible -> Get 99 or more extra lives.

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This concludes our guide on how to get all Achievements and Trophies in Pac-Man World Re-PAC. 

Pac-Man World Re-PAC is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC platforms. 

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How to Get all Achievements and Trophies in Pac-Man World Re-PAC


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