How to Get a Zoo Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom: How to Get More Pikmin

Pikmin Bloom, part of the Pikmin game series, is an augmented reality game where players collect and grow tiny plant-like beings called Pikmin. Pikmin can be grown by first collecting seedlings of varying colours and then walking around the neighbourhood. Seedling growth is boosted by planting flowers as you walk, and then nurturing your Pikmin by feeding them Nectar. There are 7 main types of Pikmin of in a variety of colours– Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Rock, and Winged– plus Decor Pikmin. One of these Decor Pikmin is the Zoo Pikmin- here is how to get a Zoo Pikmin of your very own.

pikmin decor types
Different types of Pikmin can be discovered!

How to Get a Zoo Pikmin

Decor Pikmin are unlocked at level 10, and can be obtained by levelling up the individual Pikmin’s friendship level to 4 hearts, or by finding a Giant Seedling. When a fully levelled-up Pikmin goes off on an expedition to find a gift for you, they come back and jump in the gift box, then comes out dressed in a costume. This costume depends on where the Pikmin seedling was discovered- this is also were it finds the gift box. The Zoo Pikmin has a cute dandelion head costume.

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Yellow Zoo Pikmin (via Pikmin Bloom)

With a Giant Seedling, the process is that you walk 10,000 steps to grow the special seedling and the gift animation shows that you have grown a Decor Pikmin- this costume is random.

A 4-heart Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom (via Reddit)

To ensure you get a Zoo Pikmin you must be near a zoo (yes, and actual zoological park!) so you can discover a Pikmin seedling while you walk around, and then later it can go back on an expedition to find you a gift. Some players have reported that this task has been difficult due to the game’s GPS mechanic. Some zoos are not geotagged on the OpenStreetMap used by the game. If your local zoo is not tagged on OSM then it is highly unlikely the Pikmin will recognise it as a zoo.

red zoo pikmin bloom
Red Zoo Pikmin (via Pikmin Bloom)

Check the OpenStreetMap to see where your closest geotagged zoo is near you, so you can receive your special Zoo Pikmin! Good luck!

Let us know in the comments below if you have managed to find a Zoo Pikmin!

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How to Get a Zoo Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom


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