How to Get a Wormhole Potion in Terraria

Wormhole potion in Terraria can be extremely useful in certain situations. It allows the player to teleport to one of his or her teammates, no matter how far away they are.

But it also has some pitfalls. First, these potions can only be found during multiplayer, making them impossible to farm in a single player. And Terraria itself doesn’t quite explain how to use them properly. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to get and use a wormhole potion in Terraria.

How to Use a Wormhole Potion in Terraria?

Although it is a consumable item, players cannot use it in the traditional way. Instead, the player will need to open the map (the standard button for this is “m”) and find the friend’s icon there. Clicking on the small face of your teammate uses the potion and teleports the player to that location.

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How to Get a Wormhole Potion in Terraria?

Getting a wormhole potion is not difficult, and there are several ways. As mentioned above, it is not possible to find a wormhole potion in a single-player, but it can still be crafted. The recipe requires the following materials:

  • Bottle with water.
  • Specular Fish.
  • Blinkroot.

This will give you one wormhole potion. Specular Fish can be found in forest and snow biomes. To get it, you need to take your fishing rod and go fishing underground. Blinkroot can be found just on the ground everywhere in the world. 

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And as it was said before, in addition to crafting, the player can find these potions in multiplayer mode. The best way to find them is to smash the pots and kill the slimes.

The potion can be used to travel long distances, making it ideal if the player and his or her friend are far away. However, it is best used during boss fights. Instead of running away and joining a boss fight after death, a wormhole potion in Terraria allows players to spawn next to a teammate immediately.

The item will be an incredibly useful tool in a player’s arsenal and is well worth the time farming and crafting if you plan on playing in multiplayer mode.

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