How to Get a Woodland Explorer Map in Minecraft

Woodland explorer map

If you want to know how to get a Woodland Explorer map in Minecraft, then our article is exactly what you were looking for.

In the nearly endless worlds of Minecraft, players will come across a wide variety of structures. Out of all structures, woodland mansions are probably the rarest structures in the game. Woodland mansions usually generate at a ridiculously far distance from the spawn point.

Players may have to travel hundreds and thousands of blocks to catch a glimpse of a woodland mansion. To help players locate these structures, Mojang had added woodland explorer maps. This guide talks about the woodland explorer map and how players can obtain it in Minecraft.

Woodland Explorer Map in Minecraft: Everything you need to know

How to Find the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

In Minecraft, certain exploration maps show the location of a structure. With an exploration map, players can move in the direction of the structure to find the structure. Woodland explorer map features the location of the nearest woodland mansion.

Unlike buried treasure maps, woodland explorer maps cannot be found in treasure chests. There is only one way to get a woodland explorer map in Minecraft, i.e., trading. Players can purchase woodland explorer maps from cartographers who have reached the Journeyman level in trading.

Get Woodland Explorer Map

Do not worry if you don’t have a cartographer. Any normal unemployed villager can be turned into a cartographer by placing a cartography table next to it. Players can craft a cartography table using two paper and four planks.

As for leveling up the cartographer, players can sell cheap items like paper and glass panes to it. After a cartographer becomes a Journeyman, they will be able to sell a woodland explorer map at the cost of 14 emeralds and one compass.

That’s it! Trading with cartographers is the only way to get a woodland explorer map in Minecraft. Players can use this map to travel to the nearest woodland mansion. Also, do not waste resources buying extra woodland maps, as woodland explorer maps purchased from cartographers are exactly the same.

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How to Get a Woodland Explorer Map in Minecraft


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