Void Bag is a unique reusable item in Terraria that players can use for inventory management purposes. In this article, we will talk about what is Void Bag, and how to get it in Terraria.

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What is Void Bag

The Void Bag is a type of storage box that stores items collected once the player’s inventory is full. The players can also use it manually to access their Void Vault to get any required item.

How to Get a Void Bag

The Void Bag is a craftable item in Terraria that players can craft using the Demon Altar crafting station using the materials listed below.

  • Bone X 30
  • Jungle Spores X 15
  • Shadow Scale X 30 or Tissue Sample X 30

Once you have the above materials, go to a Demon or Crimson Altar and craft yourself a Void Bag.

Where to Get Jungle Spores

Players can get the Jungle Spores in the Underground Jungle area by destroying green glowing orbs found on Jungle Grass. Destroying a single glowing orb will drop around two to three Jungle Spores.

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Where to Get Shadow Scale

Players can get Shadow Scales from Eater of the Worlds boss. It is a common drop, so you don’t have to farm the boss that much.

Where to Get Bones

Bones are drop items that players can get in Terraria by killing the below-mentioned enemies.

  • Angry Bones
  • Cursed Skull
  • Dragon Skull
  • Dark Caster
  • Skeleton

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