How to Get a Treasure Magnet in Terraria

How to Get a Treasure Magnet in Terraria

Terraria is a game with a huge amount of different equipment, artifacts, and accessories. They provide the player with additional stats, passive abilities, and other bonuses. Some of them have unusual effects, like the Treasure Magnet. This item works as a booster to your pickup range. This guide will tell you how to get the Treasure Magnet in Terraria.

How to Obtain a Treasure Magnet in Terraria

Treasure Magnet in Terraria is an item that increases the pickup range. The range will be 12 tiles instead of the standard 2.625 tiles. The item is not so simple to get because you will need to visit the Underworld.

Treasure Magnet is a drop item that you can pull out of Shadow Chests and Obsidian Lock Boxes. The first one can be found in the Underworld and mostly it spawns in the Ruined Houses. The chance to pull out the Treasure Magnet from the chest is 28.57% which is one of the biggest among all drop items from it.

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The second way to get the Treasure Magnet is Obsidian Lock Boxes. These can be pulled out of Hellstone or Obsidian Crates. So, you will have to fish in lava to get these crates if you want to get the Treasure Magnet that way. The chance of drop is 16.67% which is the same for all 6 artifacts you can find in Obsidian Lock Box.

The Treasure Magnet in Terraria is an interesting item that you can get before the Hardmode. It makes collecting items much easier. Be patient and you will get it

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How to Get a Treasure Magnet in Terraria


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