The Tinkerer’s Workshop is one of the most used and important crafting stations in Terraria that players must have as soon as possible. It allows players to craft a variety of items that increases the survival rate of players whilst helping them with exploration.

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In this article, we will talk about how players can get the Tinkerer’s Workshop in Terraria.

How to Get a Tinkerer’s Workshop

In Terraria, players can get the Tinkerer’s Workshop from the Goblin Tinkerer NPC for ten gold coins. Once players have managed to spawn the Goblin Tinkerer NPC, go and interact with him. In the list of items he sells, you will find the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

How to Spawn the Goblin Tinkerer NPC

You can spawn the Goblin Tinkerer NPC once you have cleared the Goblin Army event.

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The Goblin Tinkerer NPC spawns randomly in the Cavern layer of Terraria. Similar to a few other NPCs, the Goblin Tinkerer is in a bound state at the beginning. Just talk to him and he will spawn at your base, granted you have an empty house.

How to Clear Goblin Army Event

You can trigger the Goblin Army event manually by using a Goblin Battle Standard item or by fulfilling the below-mentioned criteria.

  • It must be daytime (the event triggers at 4:30 AM).
  • The player must be standing near the World Spawn Point.
  • At least one Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart must have been destroyed.
  • At least one player must have 200 health or more.
  • There must be no Goblin Invasion already in progress.

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Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game currently available on PS4, Xbox, Android, PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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How to Get a Tinkerer’s Workshop in Terraria


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