The Teleporter is a foreground mechanism in Terraria that players can use in pairs to travel from one point to the other. It is a useful piece of furniture that players can place in their base or anywhere else depending on the requirements.

In this Terraria guide, we will talk about how exactly you can get and use the Teleporter.

How to Get a Teleporter

In Terraria, players can get the Teleporter from the Steampunker NPC for two gold and fifty silver coins. The first step in getting the Teleporter is to summon the Steampunker NPC.

How to Spawn the Steampunker NPC

Players can spawn the Steampunker NPC by fulfilling the below conditions.

  • Kill any of the three mechanical bosses.
    • The Twins
    • Skeletron Prime
    • The Destroyer.
  • You must have a suitable empty house.

Once the two conditions are met, the Steampunker NPC will spawn and players can buy Teleporter from her.

How to Use the Teleporter

To use a Teleporter, players need a triggering device like a Switch or Pressure Plate, a wire, and another Teleporter.

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Place the Teleporters on solid blocks or platforms and connect them using the wire and the triggering device. Once everything is set, as soon as you activate the triggering device, every living thing in the 3 X 3 block is teleported to the other Teleporter.

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game currently available on PS4, Xbox, Android, PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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