How to Get a Sheldon Drone in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode


Sheldon Drone is an item in Splatoon 3 that allows you to use 999 Power Egg for an item search once everyday. It is an end-game Hero Mode item that you may find hard to obtain as there are particular prerequisites that you must fulfill to spawn it on the map and eventually obtain it. That said, this guide on how to get a Sheldon Drone in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode with help you with your endeavors. 

How to Get a Sheldon Drone in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode

Splatoon 3 Weapons

After clearing the Hero Mode, you can get the Sheldon Drone in Splatoon 3. Once you manage to survey all sites, you will find the Survey Drone at the location where you previously used to find a treasure. Once you reach the location and interact with the Survey Drone in Hero Mode, you will find it in the Terminal in your Splatoon 3 game lobby. 

Now talking about the Sheldon Drone’s location—you will find it on the Helipad located right to the Calamari Camp Flyover. 

How To Survey Sites In Splatoon 3

Now that you know the location of the Survey Drone, you must be wondering how to Survey Sites in Splatoon 3? Well! You can Survey Sites on a map in Splatoon 3 by passing through the location or painting the area using your weapon, bombs or any other method. Completing the survey for each Site will reward you with a sticker you can claim by talking to Agent 2 at the Calamari Camp.

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How to Get a Sheldon Drone in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode


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