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How to Get a Pirate Ship in BitLife

Learn how to buy a pirate ship in BitLife.

If you want to avoid Davy Jones’ locker while exploring the ocean, you’ll need to invest in a seaworthy pirate ship. Ships can be really expensive and hard to get, so we’ll show you how to get a pirate ship in BitLife.

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How to Buy a Pirate Ship in BitLife

Sailing the seven seas is now possible in BitLife with the addition of pirate ships. Even better is that they’re not locked behind any expansion packs, meaning that anyone can get their hands on a pirate ship. Whether you’re trying for the latest challenge or you just want to be a pirate, here’s how to nab a pirate ship.

Before you start, you should know that pirate ships are very expensive, ranging anywhere from 3 million to 8 million. Try to get a good paying job early on in your adult life, because you need to start saving up as soon as you’re able to if you want to buy a pirate ship sometime during your lifetime.

There are also tons of other ways to earn lots of cash—this is BitLife, after all! You can marry into a rich family, be born into a wealthy family and inherit the money, invest in bonds, win the lottery, and so forth. Your favorite method of earning money will usually do the trick.

To get started, you’ll first need your boating license of course. Unlike the pilot’s license, there is no boating school or anything, so you don’t have to take boating classes; you can jump straight into taking the test. Take the boating license test whenever you’re ready, and be sure to check out our boating license answers guide if you need help.

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Once you have your boating license and a ton of money saved up, it’s time to start hunting for pirate ships. Go into the assets tab, then go to shopping, then select the boat shop under specialty vehicle dealers.

This is perhaps the most annoying part, as the chances for a pirate ship to show up on the boat list are very low. If you don’t want to waste a year, you can force the boat list to cycle by manually closing BitLife through your device’s task manager and restarting the app. Go back to the boat shop, and the list of boats should be updated. Repeat until a pirate ship shows up on the list. We hope you saved up enough money!

If you’re REALLY lucky, someone might also just straight up gift you a pirate ship. If you’re in any situation where people can donate free stuff to you, like having an OnlyFans page or being in a cult as examples, there’s a small chance someone will just give you a pirate ship. Nice to know people just have those lying around.

That’s how to get a pirate ship in BitLife. If you have any other tips or questions for getting a pirate ship, let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out the rest of our BitLife coverage.

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How to Get a Pirate Ship in BitLife