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How to Complete the One Peace Challenge in BitLife

Learn how to complete the One Peace challenge in BitLife.

Grab your straw hats and get ready to sail the seven seas, as we’re becoming pirates for this week’s BitLife challenge. If you’re ready to head out to sea, here’s how to complete the One Peace challenge in BitLife.

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Completing the One Peace Challenge in BitLife

If you couldn’t already tell by the name of the challenge and the pirate theming, the One Peace challenge is based off of the legendary manga series One Piece. We’ll be going on a modern day pirate adventure! For this challenge, you need to:

  • Be born a male in Brazil
  • Befriend a man from Japan
  • Befriend a woman from Norway
  • Pirate 5+ porches
  • Own a pirate ship

At first glance, this challenge doesn’t seem too bad, but it does have a lot of randomness when it comes to the later goals. Let’s get started with the guide.

How to be Born a Male in Brazil

The first goal is to be born a male in Brazil. Start a new life, then when you’re customizing your character, make sure to set your gender to male and starting country to Brazil. The place doesn’t really matter, but if you want some recommendations, you can live in the capital Brasília, or the largest city, São Paulo.

How to Pirate Five Porches

Your next goal is to complete pirate five porches. You can do this by going into the crimes tab, which is found under the activities tab. You are given six house to steal packages from.

We highly recommend that you do this goal as early as possible, which you can do at age 8. The reason for this is that if you get caught stealing when you’re young, the consequences aren’t as bad as they would be if you were tried as an adult.

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Hopefully, you can complete all five without a hitch, but if you do get caught, just play nice until you’re released. Don’t stir up any trouble, as you’ll make the rest of your life harder.

How to Befriend People from Japan and Norway

Your next step is to become an official adult and earn some money. Graduate from high school, go to college, and get a decent paying job. The job doesn’t have to be extra prestigious, but it will help later down the line.

You won’t need the money right now, but later on when you have to buy a pirate ship, you’re going to need around several million bucks. Start saving up money now, or you can earn it after you complete all the other goals.

When you have a good amount of money, it’s time to emigrate to another country and makes some friends. It doesn’t matter what order you do this in, so move to either Japan or Norway. The emigration list only shows 7 countries at a time, so if you don’t see either Japan or Norway, you can back out to refresh the listing.

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When you get to the country of your choice, try to meet a new person as soon as you can. The easiest way we’ve found is to apply for a simple part-time job, then start talking to your co-workers. Be nice to them until you officially become friends with them. Once you make one friend, save up enough money and move to the second country, and repeat the process.

How to Own a Pirate Ship

The last goal is probably the hardest one due to the amount of randomness, so this might take a while. Your last goal is to own a pirate ship, an actual, functioning pirate ship! As we mentioned earlier, pirate ships costs are very expensive and can be around several million bucks, so earn a bunch of money however way you prefer.

Before you can buy a boat, you’ll need to earn your boating license. Take the test and refer to our guide for all the correct answers if you need some help.

Here comes the annoying part—check the boat listings, and if you don’t see the pirate ship, manually close BitLife and then restart it, which should refresh the listings. Repeat until you see the pirate ship, and buy it immediately. This may take several cycles, depending on your luck.

Once you secure the pirate ship, congratulations! You’ve completed the One Peace challenge in BitLife. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below, and check out the rest of our BitLife coverage.

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How to Complete the One Peace Challenge in BitLife