How to Get a Mule in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Mule Minecraft

The blocky world of Minecraft features a plethora of exciting creatures called mobs, and many mobs are inspired by real-life animals. In Minecraft, players can discover chickens, cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, mules, and many other animals. In this guide, players can learn about mules and how to get a mule in Minecraft.

Obtain a Mule in Minecraft

In Minecraft, certain mobs do not spawn naturally and thus cannot be found through just exploring. Unfortunately, mules are one of the few mobs that do not spawn naturally. To get a mule in Minecraft, players will first have to find one donkey and one horse. When a donkey and a horse are cross-bred, the baby will be an entirely new mob, i.e., a mule.

Breeding a donkey and a horse creates a mule

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, horses spawn naturally in savanna and plain biomes while donkeys spawn exclusively in plains. After finding a horse and a donkey, players will have to tame the horse first and then feed them golden carrots or golden apples to make them enter the love mode. After entering love mode, the donkey and horse will spawn a mule.

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Mules have the best features from both of their parents. Like donkeys, players can add chests to mules. A mule has a fixed number of chest slots, 15, in its inventory when equipped with a chest. Players can also ride mules; the best thing is that their movement speed is not fixed like donkeys.

A mule with a saddle can have a movement speed of between 4.8375 blocks/second and 14.5125 blocks/second. When breeding a donkey and a horse, players can pick a fast horse to impart its speed value to the mule.

Perhaps the only downside to owning mules is that they are infertile and cannot be bred. Players will always have to breed horses and donkeys to get mules in Minecraft.

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How to Get a Mule in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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