vinnie from story of seasons
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How To Get A Higher Success Rate with Vinnie in Story of Seasons

This is how to befriend Vinnie in Story of Seasons.

In Story of Seasons, crops can be a well-priced item. Something that you can do to raise the value of crops is fuse them together using Vinnie, the carnivorous plant that lives in Takakura’s house. However, what he makes or doesn’t make can depend on certain factors.

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Most of it has to do with the overall theme of the game, which is that friendship can sometimes grant you surprises. If you chat with the villagers, you never know what they might offer. In, fact one of them even has an item for free that costs a ton in your ledger. For today, this is how to get a higher success rate with Vinnie in Story of Seasons.

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Where To Find Vinnie In Story Of Seasons

vinnie from story of seasons
Credit to Marvelous.

You’ll meet Vinnie in year two when you have an above-average friendship with Takakura and walk into his house. A cutscene will occur when Takakura will tell how he mistakenly came home with the seed. Vinnie will then introduce himself. For a dangerous plant, he’s awfully cute. Before the scene ends, you’ll learn that he can fuse crops together. If you press x, you can now see that you have a social chart up for him like you do the other villagers.

How To Befriend Vinnie In Story Of Season

Vinnie is probably one of the easiest characters to befriend in the game. When tested, talking to him multiple times at once was enough to boost his friendship. You can’t give him gifts, so this is the only way to earn brownie points with him. Also, he’s a plant so what would he really do with most gifts geared for humans? All he wants is human company since it’s not likely he gets a lot of visitors. Basically, the higher your friendship is with him, the better chance there will be of him coming out with rare hybrid items. Hybrid crops are definitely worth learning about.

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How To Get A Higher Success Rate with Vinnie in Story of Seasons