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How to Create All Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Learn how to create all hybrid crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life with the right recipes.

So, you’ve unlocked Vinnie at the beginning of Year Two in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and finally got the opportunity to make hybrid crops. Now what? Well, first of all, you need to celebrate because hybrid crops are where the money’s at!

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After you’re done with crazy celebrations, it’s time to learn the extent of your newfound power. This farming simulator features numerous hybrid crops, and you will want to know how to get all of them. In this article, we explain how to create all hybrid crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life so that you can take your farm to the next level!

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How to Create All Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Growing crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life
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To create hybrid crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, you will need to unlock the three-headed plant called Vinnie and then build your friendship with this wonderful plant. You will do so by chatting with it often. When your friendship level reaches red on the friendship meter, you will find the option to create hybrid crops when interacting with Vinnie. You just need to feed Vinnie two different seeds based on the recipe table below and hope that it will spit out a new, hybrid seed because it doesn’t always happen. Therefore, you may have to try several times with the same combination.

All Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Here are all of the hybrid crops that you can create with Vinnie’s help in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life:

Hybrid CropRequired CropsGrowth Seasons
BerrymeloStrawberry x MelonAutumn/Winter/Spring
BerrytomaTomato x StrawberrySpring/Summer/Autumn
BluematoTomato x Trick Blue FlowerSpring/Summer/Autumn
BluetatoPotato x Trick Blue FlowerWinter/Spring/Summer
CameloMelon x CarrotSummer/Autumn
CarberryStrawberry x CarrotAutumn/Winter/Spring
CarroblueCarrot x Trick Blue FlowerSummer/Autumn
CarromelWatermelon x CarrotSpring/Summer
CarroturnTurnip x CarrotWinter/Spring/Summer
GreentomaTomato x WatermelonSpring/Summer/Autumn
MeloblueMelon x Trick Blue FlowerSummer/Autumn
MeloMeloMelon x WatermelonSpring/Summer
MelosweetWatermelon x Sweet Potato Spring/Summer
MelotomaTomato x Melon Spring/Summer/Autumn
PoberryPotato x StrawberryAutumn/Winter/Spring
PocarroPotato x CarrotWinter/Spring/Summer
Potamelo Melon x PotatoSummer/Autumn
PototoPotato x Sweet PotatoWinter/Spring/Summer
PoturnipPotato x TurnipWinter/Spring/Summer
StrawblueyStrawberry x Trick Blue FlowerAutumn/Winter/Spring
StrawmeloWatermelon x StrawberrySpring/Summer
StrawsweetStrawberry x Sweet PotatoAutumn/Winter/Spring
SwarrotCarrot x Sweet PotatoSummer/Autumn
SweeblueSweet Potato x Trick Blue FlowerAutumn
SweetmelMelon x Sweet PotatoSummer/Autumn
SweetomaTomato x Sweet PotatoSpring/Summer/Autumn
SweeturnTurnip x Sweet PotatoWinter/Spring/Summer
TocarroTomato x CarrotSpring/Summer/Autumn
TurnberryTurnip x StrawberryAutumn/Winter/Spring
TurnblueTurnip x Trick Blue FlowerWinter/Spring/Summer
TurnmatoTomato x TurnipSpring/Summer/Autumn
TurnmelonMelon x TurnipSummer/Autumn
WaterblueWatermelon x Trick Blue FlowerSpring/Summer
WaturnipWatermelon x TurnipSpring/Summer

You can also create hybrid fruit trees—all the recipes are listed in the following table:

Hybrid Fruit TreeRequired Seeds/CropsGrowth Season
AbbluApple x Trick Blue FlowerAutumn
BanappleBanana x AppleAutumn
BanorangeBanana x OrangeWinter
BlorangeOrange x Trick Blue FlowerSummer
BluenanaBanana x Trick Blue FlowerSummer
GrananaGrape x BananaSummer
GrappleGrape x AppleSummer
GreachPeach x GrapeAutumn
GrorangeOrange x GrapeSummer
OrappleOrange x AppleSpring
PananaPeach x BananaWinter
PapplePeach x AppleAutumn
PeabluPeach x Trick Blue FlowerSummer
PorangePeach x OrangeAutumn

While I’d give many a thing to get a chance to try a Papple or a Granana in real life, not all these combinations sound that good. Still, you should try to get them all as they have excellent crop value. Good luck with creating all these hybrid crops!

If you need more assistance with this game, check out more of our guides in the dedicated Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life section here on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Create All Hybrid Crops in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life