How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

command block

In Minecraft, players can gather hundreds of blocks by mining, crafting, trading, and many other ways. However, a few items are inaccessible to players in survival mode. One of the most coveted unobtainable blocks is the command block.

Command block is arguably the most powerful block in Minecraft. It allows players to run any command in the game. Command blocks are complex to use and are commonly used on multiplayer servers and custom maps to do certain tasks by executing commands.

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How to get Command Block in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Searching for command blocks in the creative menu will result in nothing but failure. It is one of the few blocks not listed in the creative menu. The only way to get a command block in Minecraft is by using commands.

To use commands in Bedrock Edition, players will have to enable cheats in their world. But keep in mind that enabling cheats will disable achievements forever. If you are willing to get command blocks, follow these steps after allowing cheats:

  1. Open chatbox.
  2. Type the following command depending on which command block you want:
    • /give @s command_block
    • /give @s chain_command_block
    • /give @s repeating_command_block
  3. Execute the command.

Now you will have one command block in your inventory. The regular command block (orange) only executes commands when activated. The green command blocks are called chain command blocks, which are used in groups to relay impulses from other command blocks. Lastly, the repeating command block (purple) can repeatedly execute commands.

Using command blocks, you can do anything in the world by using commands. You can delete chunks instantly or summon thousands of mobs. The possibilities are endless.

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How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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