Axolotls are aquatic lifeforms that were added to Minecraft last year. At current, there are five different variants of Axolotls based on their color. Since they are passive creatures, many Minecraft players want to keep an Axolotl.

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While getting Axolotls is not that easy of a task, getting the blue one is most difficult. In the wake of that, in this guide, we will tell you the different ways to get a Blue Axolotl in Minecraft.

Different Ways to Get a Blue Axolotl

There are three different ways to get the rarest Axolotl in Minecraft. We are talking about the Blue Axolotl. So without any further ado, let us check out these options.


Using commands to spawn the Blue Axolotl is the easiest way to get one in Minecraft. Open creative mode and add the commands based on your Minecraft edition.

Java Edition

/summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4}

Bedrock Edition

/summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_born

Since the commands are considered as cheats. To make them work, you must have cheats enabled. Or you won’t be able to spawn a Blue Axolotl.


Breeding Axolotl in Minecraft is the other way to get a Blue Axolotl. Whenever you breed two Axolotl, there is 50-50% chance that the Axolotl will take the colour of one of the parent Axolotl.

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However, there is a 0.083% chance that you might get a Blue Axolotl. And, in case you already have one, then use breeding to get more.

Out in the World

Finding a Blue Axolotl out in the world is rare. However, they usually spawn individually below sea level. To be exact at Y63 or below, in total darkness. You can also try one of the new Lush Cave biomes to look for Blue Axolotl.

That’s all, if you know a different way to get a Blue Axolotl then tell us in the comments below. Also, while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to create a big map in Minecraft.

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How to Get a Blue Axolotl in Minecraft


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