How to Get 3 Stars in Jolly Clashmas Level 4 – Clash of Clans Guide

Jolly Clashmas Level 4 - Clash of Clans Guide

Every Christmas, Supercell brings loads of entertaining events to Clash of Clans. Clashers can participate in events to earn rewards ranging from shiny gems to useful magic items. Not to mention, event-exclusive decorations are also available during Christmas.

This year, clashers can participate in the Jolly Clashmas challenge, where they can raid special bases to earn resources and other rewards. Like other challenge events, the army is already set, and clashers must use the given army to attack event bases. This guide will help you get 3 stars on the Jolly Clashmas Level 4 challenge.

How to Clear Jolly Clashmas Level 4 with 3 Stars

The level 4 challenge features a snowman layout with two eagle artilleries and four scattershots. As for the army, we have six goblins, five healers, four ram riders, six lightning spells, one earthquake spell, one poison spell, level 50 Barbarian King, level 50 Archer Queen, and level 20 Grand Warden.

Some clashers might already guess what to do with this army. It is a Queen charge army where we have to use lightning and earthquake spell combo to destroy four scattershots or two eagle artilleries.

Follow these steps to get 3 stars in Jolly Clashmas Level 4 challenge:

1) Use all lightning and earthquake spell in the center of clan castle

The first step is to use lightning and earthquake combo to destroy all four scattershots. Clashers can drop their spell right in the center of the clan castle to hit every scattershot.

2) Drop Archer Queen and healers on the elixir storage in the right side of base

 Jolly Christmas Level 4-2

Next, we will have to start our queen charge from the elixir storage in right side. Use a ram rider to help queen enter eagle artillery compartment.

3) Set Grand Warden to air mode and use him to destroy bomb towers on the bottom right side

 Jolly Christmas Level 4-3

On the bottom side, there are no defences for attacking aerial troops. We can use Grand Warden’s aerial mode to snipe off bomb towers and gain some percentage while the queen charge continues.

4) Use poison spell to help queen kill ice golem

The clan castle in Jolly Clashmas Level 4 contains an ice golem. Clashers can use a poison spell to help the queen kill it faster.

5) Use remaining troops to attack defending heroes

 Jolly Christmas Level 4-4

After Archer Queen clears the eagle artillery section, use ram riders to make an entry for Barbarian King. Use all of your heroes and their ability to defeat defending heroes.

Clashers can watch the above video by Judo Sloth Gaming to see each step in live action. On clearing this base, clashers will unlock the next level of Jolly Clashmas.

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How to Get 3 Stars in Jolly Clashmas Level 4 – Clash of Clans Guide


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