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How to Fix Texas Chainsaw Massacre Party Code Error

How to Fix Texas Chainsaw Massacre Party Code Error
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There is nothing worse than playing your new gaming obsession and running into an issue. Error codes can be so irritating when all you want to do is load up and drop into a game you have been looking forward to playing all day. The team is ready, and everyone is set to enter the lobby, but an error code is popping up any time you try to create or join a party. Read on to see what can go wrong, and how to fix code errors when trying to play Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Error Code Fixes in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There are a couple of errors that can occur when attempting to play Texas Chainsaw Massacre: party code errors and network errors. A network error usually occurs when your wifi is weak or your internet drops temporarily, kicking you or your friends from the party. If this occurs it is best to check your internet connection strength and rectify any issues at your end before attempting to start a new party. If it turns out to be just a drop in connection you will want to restart your game and try again.

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The recent party code errors are due to a bug causing the Party Code to be 7 digits long instead of the 6 needed to create a party. This issue has been bugging many players, and until the developers patch the bug there isn’t a lot you can do to prevent it. If this issue occurs for you, try the following workarounds:

  1. Restart the game – annoying as it is, most of the time a bug like this can be sorted temporarily by restarting;
  2. Restart your console – if restarting the game doesn’t help then a full device restart is worth a try;
  3. Check for game updates – hiccups in the game can often mean the game is due for an update;
  4. Check server status – if you are having trouble connecting then there may be issues with the game’s servers. You can check these on the developer’s or the game’s official social media pages where they post regular updates;
  5. Contact support – as a last resort, if you are still having a terrible time trying to get into a match then contact the official support team on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre website.
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Usually with known bugs the issue is solved within a day or two, depending on the severity of the problem. Be patient, and contact the Texas Chainsaw Massacre support as a last resort if things are not working as they should.

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How to Fix Texas Chainsaw Massacre Party Code Error