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Best Hiding Spots in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Best Hiding Spots in Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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As a Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the main objective is to escape the clutches of The Family, by any means necessary. You can fight back using bone scraps, pick locks if you find the right tool, and find ways to open any of the exits. The Family will be locking up gates and trapping exits, and tracking down any Victim who is not being stealthy enough! There are some obvious places to hide but we have a few more tips and tricks to keep you safe while you try to stay away from The Family. Let’s explore together all of the best hiding spots in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Where to Hide in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Sneaking about in the basement, house, and gardens is tricky, especially when The Family is on your trail, but there are a few hiding places we have found to be a real help. The main thing to remember is, no matter what, keep very still when blood is harvested and fed to Grandpa! There will be a warning on screen so you have a bit of time to move to a hiding place and crouch there.

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Some of the more regular hiding spots are also known to The Family. These would be chest freezers and closets in the basement or house, and the trunks of cars outside. Any space where it says ‘Hide‘ can be used by Victims by clambering inside but these spaces can be searched by The Family. They are also temporary, and if you run out of time inside you will be forced to exit, which is pretty dangerous if Family members are nearby!

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Shadowy corners are my personal favorite hiding spots as The Family can often completely overlook you crouching there. Inside the House, there are lamps you can turn off to help you gain some shadowy cover too. Quite often I have hidden in a dark corner and had Family members walk right by me!

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If you are unable to find a dark corner and need to avoid someone who has not yet seen you, it is possible to crouch behind objects and walls. This will only work for some of the Family members as Johnny and The Cook are good trackers who may find you anyway! I found it easiest to hide from Leatherface by circling around objects and in shadows, than anyone else. When outside, stick to crouching in the bushes as much as possible!

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Hiding isn’t easy, so it is a good idea to try playing as some of The Family to understand how best to avoid them. Johnny can find footprints and find exactly where you are going, and Cook can hear the direction of your cries, for example. Also if The Family are a good team on comms they can also communicate to each other where you are, so keep on your toes!

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Keep crouched and move slowly when not in a chase to avoid detection and you should have a good chance of escaping The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

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Best Hiding Spots in Texas Chainsaw Massacre