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What Is Blood Harvesting in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

What Is Blood Harvesting in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
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In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Victim characters have five attributes that govern how well they can do certain tasks. The Family members have three attributes instead of five, with them being Savagery, Blood Harvesting, and Endurance. Our guide is here to answer the question: What is Blood Harvesting in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

What does the Blood Harvesting attribute do in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

As a Family member, you have three main attributes that govern your abilities:

  • Savagery: Determines how much damage you deal to Victims.
  • Blood Harvesting: Determines how much blood you siphon from Victims.
  • Endurance: Determines your stamina efficiency.

Savagery and Endurance are rather self-explanatory, but Blood Harvesting is a different matter, especially if you don’t know how the Grandpa of the Family works. Don’t worry, as we can explain all the important beats.

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In short, whenever a Family member lands a clean hit on a Victim, they will harvest some of their blood, with the exact amount being determined by their Blood Harvesting attribute; a higher attribute results in more blood. So, what do you do with the blood? Give it to Grandpa, of course!

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In addition to the three main Family members that players take control of, there is also Grandpa. He starts out asleep, but gradually wakes up over the course of the match. If the Victims cause a ruckus and make too much noise, he’ll wake up even faster.

Once Grandpa is awake, he grants passive buffs to the other Family members, though he never actively hunts down the Victims. He stays completely stationary in his chair, and his abilities can grow stronger, but only if he drinks the blood of the Victims. Once the mobile Family members have attacked the Victims enough, they can return to Grandpa and give him their collected blood to empower him.

Time is of the essence for the Victims, because the more blood Grandpa drinks, the stronger his abilities become. Eventually, if the match goes on for long enough, Grandpa will be able to pinpoint the exact location of every Victim!

Family members can also interact with the drainage buckets scattered about on each map to get a bit of blood. However, the Blood Harvesting attribute does NOT affect how much blood you gain from the drainage buckets.

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What Is Blood Harvesting in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?