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How to Use Bone Scraps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Learn what you can do with those sharp Bone Scraps you pick off of skeletal remains in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Though you aren’t able to completely take down the horror icon that is Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you are able to stun both him and the other Family members using Bone Scraps as a makeshift weapon. In addition to sticking it to the killers, Victims can also utilize Bone Scraps in a variety of ways, so here is how to use Bone Scraps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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Where to find Bone Scraps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Scattered throughout the Slaughter Family’s estate are the skeletal remains of their past victims. Though they are no longer with us, they have indirectly provided us with a way to fight back against the Family, as you can pick up their sharp Bone Scraps to use as makeshift weapons.

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Although you can find them all over the place, you can find most of the bone piles in Leatherface’s basement lair, where the Victims start the match at. As you’re looking for an escape route, be sure to grab a Bone Scrap, or at least note where the bone piles are.

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Using Bone Scraps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Once you have a Bone Scrap in one of your item slots, you are ready to bring the fight to the Family. The first and most obvious thing you can do is a sneak attack. If you can manage to sneak up behind a Family member, you can stab them with the Bone Scrap to momentarily stun them, buying you lots of time.

If you grapple with a Family member and a struggle starts, you can use the Bone Shard to win the struggle and stun the Family member in the process. Just remember that you are vulnerable to attack by other Family members during the struggle!

The Bone Scraps also have some lesser-known uses, like breaking the noise traps set up around the house, in addition to the Hitchhiker’s special traps. You can also use a Bone Scrap to silence the Family’s chicken from giving away your position. You can even temporarily stun Grandpa with one, but this is extremely risky, as Grandpa can immediately signal your location to the rest of the Family.

In short, Bone Scraps are highly versatile and can be the difference between life and death. If you have a free item slot, it’s not a bad idea to keep one on you at all times.

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How to Use Bone Scraps in Texas Chainsaw Massacre