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How to Fix Roblox Mobile Camera Direction Bug

How to Fix Roblox Mobile Camera Direction Bug

All gamers are familiar with bugs and glitches. To be honest, you can face a huge number of bugs while playing the Roblox. The most popular one is the mobile camera direction bug. How to fix it and what are the reasons? Find out in the guide.

Mobile Camera Direction Bug Roblox Mobile

This bug appears when you touch the screen with three fingers. After this, your camera will be frozen in one direction. Despite it, you can move as usual, but it is very uncomfortable to do while your camera is stuck. And there is a trick to get rid of this glitch permanently.

All you need is to change movement mode from default to classic. The point is that standard settings include some limits on how to control the game. So, once you changed this setting, you need to rejoin the game and the glitch will be fixed. This method works in 95% of cases. But there are still the other 5%.

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One more reason might be in the server version. In this case, all you need is to connect to another server and check your camera on it. If it works as it should be then the problem is with a certain server and you can not do anything about it.

And the last reason might be in a Roblox version. All that you need in this case is to go to the AppStore or Google Play store and update your game. Also, you can set the auto-updating. It is only your decision. That is all with the camera direction bug. Hope this guide helped you.

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How to Fix Roblox Mobile Camera Direction Bug


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