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How To Fix MW2 Hueneme Concord Error

How To Fix MW2 Hueneme Concord Error

Modern Warfare 2’s release was plagued with game-breaking issues, network problems, in-game features not working, and many others. While most of the issues have been addressed and fixed by Infinity Ward, some network-related issues, like the “Networking is offline: [Reason: Hueneme – Concord],” persists. And since the problem is not from the game side, players find it hard to fix the issue. We understand that it can be very frustrating to run into these errors so in the wake of that, we prepared this handy guide on how to fix the MW2 Hueneme Concord error. 

How To Fix MW2 Hueneme Concord Error


The MW2 Hueneme Concord error was officially acknowledged by the Call of Duty Japan Twitter handle on October 30, 2022. In the Tweet, the devs quoted, “Some users have reported that they are unable to play the game due to a HUENEME – CONCORD error. This error is caused by your router blocking the port for security. This is beyond the scope of our company.”

After trying different options, we found a few troubleshooting steps that resolved many players’ MW2 Hueneme Concord error.

Make Sure Your Firewall is Not Blocking MW2

If you are playing the game on PC, navigate to your Firewall Settings via the Control Panel or manual search in the search bar and ensure MW2 is allowed by the Network. 


Try using a free VPN like Psiphon or alternatives, as the VPN will help bypass any network blockage. 

Switch To Mobile Hotspot Or Ethernet

If you are playing MW2 using your Wifi, try switching to Ethernet or a Mobile Hotspot to check if, within these network options, you can play MW2 without the Hueneme Concord error. As for many players, Mobile Hotspot has fixed the issue. 

Clear Cache

Refer to this Activision Support blog to clear the cache on your respective platforms. Many times, clearing the cache has worked to resolve the issue.

Reset Your Network Or Router

Resetting your Network via the Network and Internet Settings or your Router using the Default Gateway can fix the MW2 Hueneme Concord error.

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to fix the MW2 Hueneme Concord error. While you are here, check out some other guides on COD MW2:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

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How To Fix MW2 Hueneme Concord Error


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