How to Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working


The modern game industry has a huge amount of different fighting games and the number of them is getting bigger and bigger. One of the latest releases of this genre is called MultiVersus. This product allows you to play different characters from the Warner Bros and Interactive Entertainment franchises. It seems that some players are unable to finish the Knockback Influence training mission and this guide is going to explain how to fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial.

What is KBI Tutorial in MultiVersus

There are lots of different tutorials that you can complete to understand the basics of MultiVersus. One of these tutorials is related to Knockback Influence. This mechanic allows you to reduce the knockback effect from your opponents’ attacks. Even though the tutorial is quite simple it seems that some players are unable to complete it because of a bug. So, today we are going to help them to solve this problem.

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How to Fix KBI Tutorial in MultiVersus

It seems that the MultiVersus KBI Tutorial is not working properly. So, if you want to complete it you may encounter a situation when you simply can’t reduce the knockback effect. The developers may fix this problem in future patches. However, if you don’t want to wait for the update with this fix you can use the next hints to complete the tutorial:

  • If you play on a PC you should try to hold the down button and prepare yourself. When you get hit you will need to double tap the left button to reduce the knockback effect.
  • If you play on PlayStation or Xbox you should try to hold the down and left buttons as the tutorial tells you. However, you should also hold down the PlayStation or Xbox button to open the console menu. After that, you will need to return to the game and the problem should be solved.

There are lots of different bugs and errors that you may encounter in different games. We will be glad if our guide helps you to solve your problems with the KBI Tutorial in MultiVersus. Good luck in your further fights in this exciting game!

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How to Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working


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