The “Incompatible with Launcher” error in Minecraft Bedrock Edition stops players from playing the game as the Play button is greyed out, and players cannot click on it to run the game. In the wake of that, players often look for how to fix Minecraft Bedrock Incompatible with Launcher error?

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To help players, we have prepared a handy troubleshooting guide that will help you fix the Incompatible with Launcher error of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

How to Fix Minecraft Bedrock Incompatible with Launcher Error

You can fix Minecraft Bedrock Edition “Incompatible with Launcher” error using the below troubleshooting steps:

Run Minecraft Bedrock Edition Launcher as Administrator

The first thing you should do when you get the “Incompatible with Launcher” error is – 

  • Go to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition launcher 
  • Right-click on it and select Properties 
  • Navigate to the compatibility tab 
  • Select the Radio box with “Run this program as an Administrator.”
  • Apply the changes
  • Launch the Minecraft Bedrock Edition launcher 
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If you have downloaded the game from Game Pass or other places, you will not get the “Compatibility” tab in Properties. In that case, Right Click on the Minecraft Launcher and select the “Run as Administrator” option. 

Restart the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Launcher 

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Sometimes hard restarting the Minecraft Launcher fixes the “Incompatible with Launcher” error. You can do a hard restart using the below steps:

  • Open Task Manager 
  • Look for Minecraft Launcher 
  • Select it from the list of running tasks 
  • Click on End Task 
  • Now open the Minecraft Launcher once again and check if the error is gone

Make Sure Minecraft Launcher is Updated

Image Credit – Hritwik

When you get the “Incompatible with Launcher” error, make sure you are connected to an active internet connection. And the launcher is up to date. 

Re-Download Minecraft Launcher

Sometimes uninstalling the current Minecraft Launcher and installing a fresh and updated one is the only way to fix the “Incompatible with Launcher” error in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

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So that’s it. You can try the above troubleshooting steps to fix the “Incompatible with Launcher” error for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

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How to Fix Minecraft Bedrock Incompatible With Launcher Error


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