Best Ancient City Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Ancient city Minecraft

Mojang introduced deep dark caves and their secrets in Minecraft 1.19 update. This new cave biome generates at the deepest layers of the Overworld realm and harbors horrendous features such as the warden, sculk blocks, and ancient cities. In this article, we have listed some excellent ancient city seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock seeds for Ancient City

Ancient cities are the biggest structures in Minecraft and offer some of the rarest loot items. However, they are quite rare and are exclusive to deep dark caves. Players can use these world seeds to get spawn locations with a nearby ancient city.

Double ancient cities (Seed: -2193811972289072796)

In this Minecraft Bedrock seed, players spawn near tall and beautiful jagged peaks. But do not let the pretty scenery fool you; deep under the mountains, there is a giant deep dark cave. Players can find two ancient cities near the spawn point. The first ancient city is at X: -152 Y: -51 Z: 40, and the other at X: 104 Y: -51 Z: 168.

Ancient city under spawn (Seed: -1384287771548690013)

This seed spawns players in groves biomes generated over enormous deep dark caves. Under the spawn, players can find a deep dark cave stretching for over 2000 blocks. This cave is filled with multiple ancient cities, and the first one is very close to spawn. Players can find the nearest ancient city at X: 24 Y: -51 Z: 88.

Triple ancient city in 300-block radius (Seed: 8464375502877043564)

In this seed, players spawn over a massive chain of deep dark caves flooded with ancient cities. Players can find three ancient cities within a 300-block radius. Here are the coordinates to the nearest three ancient cities in this seed:

  • X: 184 Y: -51 Z: 168
  • X: -328 Y: -51 Z: 184
  • X: -264 Y: -51 Z: -296

Ancient cities have a plethora of loot chests, and players can find rare loot like Swift Sneak enchantment, disc fragments, echo shards, diamonds, and more inside them. While visiting ancient cities, players might want to check out redstone rooms hidden underneath.

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Best Ancient City Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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