How To Fix Lag On Genshin Impact Mobile

Genshin Impact fix lag guide

Genshin Impact Mobile version looks phenomenal. But when it comes to graphical fidelity, not everything is perfect. When we talk about graphical fidelity in a videogame we generally refer to the three major aspects that include: details, resolution and framerate of the game. Genshin Impact mobile version excels on the first two aspects. However, we cannot say the same about the performance optimization of the game.

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Genshin Impact suffers severe lag on low-end mobile devices. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can play the game without any problem as there’s not much running in the background. However, when it comes to android devices, players must own a device with a better CPU and GPU.

Also, Android devices use a lot of resources on backgrounds apps which makes a game like Genshin Impact laggy. There are other things like overheat, virus, low ram, wrong graphics settings and more that affect the fps of a game.

Fixing lag in Genshin Impact Mobile

There are some tweaks and basic optimization steps that players can follow to avoid lag in Genshin Impact mobile.

1.) Optimize the graphics settings as per your device specifications. 

Image Credit: Hritwik Raj | Played on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Optimizing the in-game graphics settings is one of the best ways to reduce lag in Genshin Impact. Players can trade visual quality of Genshin Impact for better performance. The first thing you should do is select 60 in fps settings. Now, apart from that you can lower the shadow quality and render resolution to fix the lag.

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But, we suggest keeping the render resolution at high and rest settings to low or medium. The above settings are from Genshin Impact mobile running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We have tested different graphics settings on the same device and lowering the details impacts fps. So, feel free to tweak and opt for the best in-game settings as per your device.

2.) Scan and remove viruses.

Scan your device for viruses and remove if there is one on your device.

3.) Close apps running in the background. 

Apps like chrome browser and others running in the background can cause lag while playing Genshin Impact. Make sure you close all unnecessary applications before playing the game. Moreover, we suggest you go to application manager and stop some of the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or such other from using your device resources. Once you are done playing Genshin Impact, you can resume the stopped apps. Note: Closing an app from the application manager will stop all notifications from that app. So, use this method only if you are ok with that.

4.) Don’t play when the device is overheated or running low on battery 

Playing games for a long time can often overheat your mobile device and make the game laggy. Also, a mobile running low on the battery cannot give the best performance in any game. So, make sure to cool your device and keep it charged enough to play the game without any problem.

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How To Fix Lag On Genshin Impact Mobile



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